central research headquarters

central research headquarters



Huons Central Research Headquarters was acknowledged as a company research center from the Korea Industrial Technology Association on May 19, 1998.
After going through a reorganizing expansion process in May 2006 to become the Central Research Headquarter, it has been equipped with the company’s 40 year-old know-how and latest equipments.
In June 2011, the research center was moved to the Anyang MegaValley and then to college of pharmacy in hanyang university, with a short term goal of building a new pharmaceutical development network through cooperation with domestic industry-academics organization, and a long term goal of becoming a word-class company with a global competitiveness.


1998.05 Company Research Center established (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2005.12 Research Center expanded (Gasan dong, Geumcheon gu, Seoul)
2006.05 R&D Center renamed
2006.06 Huons BT Research Center founded (Cheoncheon dong, Jangan gu, Suwon)
2008.01 New pharmaceutical development team, material development team, and central analysis team created
2008.03 Promoted to Central Research Headquarters
2010.06 Central Research Headquarters expanded and moved (Anyang Mega Valley)
2013.07 Central Research Headquarters expanded and moved (6th floor of pharmacy college, Hanyang University)


Dept. of Open Innovation/ Research Strategy Team

Research strategy team has continuously developed and expanded its research capabilities, supported the other research team for promoting the smooth progress, and proposed to the research projects based on prior literature search and patent strategy to set up mid and long-term pipeline. In addition, Research strategy team has been pursuing to open innovation through internal and external collaboration and technology adoption.

Pharmaceutically Modified Drug Team

We have the capability of evaluation from the drug screening to the selection of new drug candidates including enhanced pharmaceutical, chemical and natural product using in vitro/in vivo efficacy study, safety and ADME study in early stage of new drug development. Also, in late stage, we evaluate the non-clinical study for the human clinical trials of newly selected drug candidates. Based on the above excellent capacity, we will show our ability to contribute to the enhancement of human health and welfare by developing a creative and superior medicine.

Analysis Research Team

We support the efficient analysis research of dosage research with superior personnel, experiment equipments (analytic equipments) and accumulated know-how.
We also provide analytic reviewing methods and standards by medicine types through the development and optimization of completed medical supplies such as new materials and types.

Botanical Drug Research Team

We focus on the development of more standardized, and safe and effective botanical drugs(Herbal medicine) by utilizing a variety of extraction and purification process from natural products such as plant resources, algae, microorganism and those complex, etc. And our goal is to be the leader of botanical drug in global market as well as domestic.

Preclinical Research & Development team

The team identifies the new compounds for the new chemical, herbal and incrementally modified drugs through screening and conducts in vitro/in vivo efficacy and safety study for the selection of promising drug candidates. In addition, with the exceptional capabilities in the new drug development including nonclinical for the active substance, the team is dedicated to contributing to the improvement of human health and welfare through the development of drugs with better efficacy and safety.

Clinical Research team

In order to evaluate the efficacy and safety of drugs and medical devices in human, the team develops scientifically sound and efficient study designs and conducts the trials in accordance with current GCP and the relevant laws and regulations. For all clinical trials, the rights and benefits of study subjects are respected.

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