company identity

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company identity

Huons = HUman + MedicatiON + Solution
Huons provides a medical solution for human health

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Huons provides a medical solution for human health The oval shape of the H contains the meaning of all human beings.
The oval surrounding the letter means that Huons wishes to lead the solution of human diseases.
Moreover, the policy of the logo symbolizes the liberation of human beings from disease.

logo mark

The logo mark has an important role of providing the business image, and therefore, should not be altered due to the visualizing value that represents Huons. Since the logo is to be used in printings, promotions and other media to deliver the company image, it needs to be produced according to the regulated colors for unity The representation of colors follows the use of pantone colors, but in certain conditions, process color may be used. Computer file should be used for the production of the logo mark.

core values

The logo mark can achieve the greatest effect when represented away from other design factors.

No other graphic can intrude within the regulated margins