Is a functional cosmetics certified by KFDA (Cleanser, Wrinkless, Whitening, UV-Protection)

Dermatologist Tested for Safety
Skin harmful ingredient free (13 Free System)
Composed of Medical Grade ingredients (Hyaluronic acid, EGF, FGF)
Containing components of dermis (Collagen + Hyaluronic acid + Elastin)
The Origin Cosmetic + Pharmaceutical = Cosmeceutical
Huons's own 3R (Regeneration, Repair and Revolution) System Technology

Huons, Bio Science company can provide a total solution that is to supply the finished products made as buyer's request (container material, volume, packing design, cosmetic formula) ODM.

Huons supply more effective and safe functional cosmeceutical products based on Korean cosmetic manufacturing technique with using Medical Grade Hyaluronic acid, which is a secret and key for skin life.

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picture of cleanser
Cleanser (150mL)
  • Gel Type composed of HA
  • Cleansing
picture of cream
Cream (50mL)
  • Anti-wrinkle, Whitening
  • Use after serum when feeling skin dryness
  • Instantaneous moisturizing
  • Can be used as a sleeping pack

It helps activation of skin tissue during sleeping and create moist and radiant skins in the next morning

picture of skin toner
Skin Toner (50mL)
Anti-wrinkle, Whitening
  • Instantaneous soothing and cooling effect
  • Moisturizing by HA
picture of sun block
Sun Block (40mL)
UV Protection
  • Skin harmful ingredient Free
  • SPF50+ (UVB), PA+++(UVA)
picture of serum
Serum (20mL)
Anti-wrinkle Whitening
  • It contains respectively HA 100% and growth factor for skin regeneration
  • When pumping the container, fresh HA and Growth Factor is combined for use.
picture of sun block
Sun Block (40mL)
Anti-wrinkle, Whitening +
UV Protection
  • This is composed of Huons's medical grade Hyaluronic acid with mineral ingredient, which maintains the moist skin Smart /Multi function :
    UV protection, improving wrinkle, whitening effect and the function of make-up base.
picture of essence
Essence (15mL)
  • Medical grade- Hyaluronic acid with High concentrate, High quality
  • Firming, Lifting and moisturizing effects
  • Incentive care for nasolabial folds, wrinkle of eye and mouth area.
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