Huons is committed to client-focused manufacturing services, and will strive to customized streamined solutions for each client's product and / or process.
Huons has a manufacturing facility that complies with EU GMP and cGMP. We specialize in commercial-scale manufacturing, and also offer valuable services in process development for optimization of generic expression and downstream processing.

Huons is designed to support the manufacture of a wide variety of pharmaceutical products.

Huons's model of capacity utilization is flexible providing an advantage that clients may not find elsewhere.
Huons's flexible facility design and ability to rapidly expand capacity a viariety of options and opportunities to address the manufacturing needs of our clients.

< Capacity per year >
Classification Fomulation Capacity
( year / hr )
Manufacturer Remark
Injection &
Eye drops
Ampoule(2 Lines) 24,000 A/hr
Bosch #1 (1~2mL) / Germany Bosch
#2 (1~10mL) / Germany
Vials 12,000 V/hr
Daeyong Pharma Tech/Korea
Cartridges 24,000 Ctgs/hr
Bosch / Germany
Blow FillSeal 20mL 44,000,000 Weiler / USA >7,440A/hr&at;
NAX / Japan >2,700A/hr&at;
Blow-FillSeal 1mL 13,399 A/hr
Weiler / USA
Oral Solid &
Tablet 750,000,000 Pharm Tec / Korea (4 tablet M/C)
Capsule 200,000,000 Pharm Tec / Korea (2 Capsule M/C)
Suspension / Syrup 10,000,000
Young Il / Korea (2,700A/hr)
Solpac / Korea (12,000 Sachet / hr)
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