HUONS has walked a one path for the 40 years

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Developement of korea’s first plastic container, acquirement of KGMP, building of a techno-logical system, tunfording the customer satisfaction quality project, enforcement of organiza-tional power, establishment of a management vision system, company-wide management innovation activity, leaping to become a world’s first-class company.

Developement of Korea’s first plastic container injection shot, acquirement of KGMP, building the technological system.

2014.09 Won "Minister Award of Ministry of Employment and Labor" from Grand Prize of Labor and Management Culture
2014.05 Selected as one of companies joining for "World Class 300" project supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA)
2013.12 Selected as "The best company to work for" by Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government
2012.12 Won "Industry Award"
2011.12 Won "10 million Export Tower Award"
2011.12 More Agreement with Alcon Inc. (Kynex 2)
2011.02 Obtained the certification of INNO-BIZ
2010.07 Obtained the stake of KRD
2010.01 Obtained the shake of Humedix
2009.11 Operation of Jecheon Plant
2009.10 Obtained New Plant KGMP
2009.03 USFDA Approval (510K) with Sodium Chloride Inj
2008.12 Assigned Humedix as Sister company
2008.01 Arranged a strategic partnership with Alcon, Inc
2007.12 Commendation of Social Responsibility
2006.12 Listed in KOSDAQ
2006.10 Commendation of Prime Minister for Domestic production
2005.09 Obtained the certification of Venture company
2004.11 Awarded Export Tower 5Million USD
2003.08 Obtained ISO 9001:2000
2003.06 Changed the name of Huons Co., Ltd.
2000.10 Selected as Superior Technology company
1999.01 Changed the name of Kwang Myung Pharm name
1993.12 Obtain KGMP
1987.07 Changed the corporated body of Kwang Myung Pharm
1965.07 Established Kwang Myung Pharm
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