medical device

medical device

sPRP Kit

a. intended use

sPRP Kit is designed to be used for safe and rapid preparation of platelet poor plasma and platelet concentrate from small sample of blood.
The plasma and concentrated platelets produced can be used for PRP Therapy.

b. summary

sPRP Kit is a device that separates drawn blood into red blood cells and plasma using a centrifugal separator.

c. package

10 kits / box
20 boxes / carton


CENTRIFUGE (HUONS HC – 1000) is designed specially for use sPRP Kit.
For customer comfort the CENTRIFUGE is set according to the specification needed to obtain the concentration of platelets (3,200rpm – 3 min).

a. technical specification
HC - 1000
MAX. RPM 4,000 rpm
MAX. RCF 2700 xg
max. capacity 50 mL x 4
run time ≤ 99 min 59 sec or continuous
noise level ≤ 60 dB
acceleration time ≤ 20 sec
deceleration time ≤ 25 sec
imbalance recognition AUTOMATIC
program memory 10
power & frequency 220V, 50/60Hz (110V, 50/60Hz - option)
dimension (w * d * h) 375 x 480 x 260 mm
weight 19.5Kg
ce marking YES


DermaShine® System is an innovative DermaShine injector system (with Suction Screw Multi Needle) utilizing DermaShine Aspirator. Suction Screw Multi needle consisting of 5 needles is easily injected to the firm inject-sites. DermaShine Aspirator makes inject-sites firm by pulling it upward.
This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily and fast.

Main Points of DermaShine® System

1. DermaShine System
  • Enables Suction Screw multi needle to penetrate smoothly
  • Challenge treatment zones that are difficult to inject manually
2. Inject equal amounts of medicine into desired depth(0~3㎜)
  • uniformly distributed
3. Treatment productivity increases due to 5 multi-needle
  • Less time & efforts required
4. Maximize patients’ satisfaction
  • Less recovery time & pain


A. Main Body
  • Digital Aspirator, 7kg
B. Acc.
  • Syringe Injector, 189g
  • Data connector (Absorbing tube + Data connecting line)
  • Liquid Damper, Foot switch, Power cord
C. Specification
  • Electric rating AC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz, 70 VA
  • Vacuum pressure ~ 600 mmHg
  • WHD 360 X 300 X 110 mm
  • Weight 7 Kg


Is a Luxury filler WRINKLESS as natural as it can be it is a near 100% to corporal composition and designed with Hyaluronic acid composition same as the component of human skin and approved by the KFDA and also CE marked.
Neither wrinkles that can be resolved with Botulinum Toxin, WRINKLESS has various functions like nose and lips augmentation, restoration of facial volumes, skin hydration and regeneration of damaged cells, to skin rejuvenation with giving vitality, radiant tone and health face to patients.
Thinking the health of patient WRINKLESS used Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin as raw material.

a. adventage
  • Easy injectability despite of high structural viscosity
  • Strong volume increasing effect
  • High safety in the skin
  • Less doses required
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