vision, management philosophy

vision, management philosophy

A company that respects the life of human beings HUONS
provides a medical solution for human health

management philosophy

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    Management of Trust
    A company where there is
    trust among the employeed
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    Management of Quality
    A company that
    quarantees quality
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    Management of Impression
    A company that impresses
    the customers


Huons proposes a medical solution for
the health of human beings


Sales of 1 trillion KRW in 2020,
entering the position of top 10 in the field

core values

Management of the right path
We are faithful in the basics and principles, and seek the values.
With the world's top quality management as the goal,
we produce products by following the GMP and IOS regulations.
We think of the respect towards the customers and trust among
the employees as the value of top priority.
By forecasting the change in the market and customers,
we lead change quickly and accurately.
We cooperate by communicating to change the understanding of
individuals and teams to the profit of the mass and fulfilling the goals.

core capabilities

  • cGMP
    Newst cGMP Factory completed
    • Automatic system
    • Outstanding quality management system
  • Portfolio
    Variety of business product portfolio
    • injection/oral dose products
    • exports/consignments
    • medical equipments/health food products
  • R&D
    R&D with creativity and innovation as the core values
    • R&D through the collaboration of industry and academics
    • New BT medicine R&D
    • Synergy between subsidiaries maximized
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